The E-Squared Book Club: Week 1

Illustration by Tad Carpenter We walk in silence along a narrow path that takes us into the shade of a eucalyptus grove. We are flanked by these giants, stretching upwards infinitely, only the birds knowing the space above them. We walk with our intentions softly carried in our attention, as we listen to the birds, feel the breeze, and notice our feet, one in front of the other, walking the path.

Then, we reach a clearing. The trees step back, and stretch up the sides of the hill around us, forming a bowl. A container of energy. On the ground, a labyrinth. Here we sit on the grassy clearing and experience the infinite potential rising in every direction, encircling us.

Quarry Park labyrinthThis is where we meet to explore our own connection to the Field of Infinite Potential, or as Pam Grout abbreviates it, “the FP”. We meet to share our excitement, our discoveries, our observations as we enter into the nine experiments outlined in the book, E-Squared: Nine Do-it-yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. The invitation of these experiments is to use our own daily life, our own powers of observation and attention, to capture moments when we tangibly feel our connection to the FP. When we are plugged in to what is available to us at all times, but so often obscured by habits of thinking, cultural osmosis, and prior conditioning.

Lisa at Quarry Park leading E Squared

We are invited to get definite and crystal clear, to agree to set deadlines, and to release any illusion that we’re not good enough or special enough to do this.

Most importantly, we are invited to observe and witness, moment-to-moment in our own daily life, how we are one with the FP, how the FP is a blueprint for our reality, and how we can open ourselves to our true infinite potential right now.

By engaging in this moment-to-moment observation, we begin to retrain the mind, and gain the practice that is required to become familiar with our own power. Not to question it but to harness it in each moment as a treasure of being alive.

We share our discoveries, we tell stories of how we've experienced connection to the FP in our lives, and then we set up our experiment for the next week.

We conclude by walking the labyrinth, holding our new intentions and allowing them to ground into our being as we are held in this energetic container.

Find out how to join the E-Squared Book Club I am leading, either in person at Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay, California, or on the phone from anywhere in the world, by visiting this page.

Who would you be if you knew that every thought you have is creating a new reality for you?