Have you heard? I'm offering Name Your Price Coaching

[singlepic id=435 w=320 h=240 float=center] I have this thing about repeating myself. In this Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/e-mail/YouTube day and age, there is no shortage of ways to "get the message out there". I'm never quite sure who is reading what, or when. And frankly, most of it feels like I'm repeating myself. Or scattering seeds into the wind, with no idea where they will land.

I've surrendered to these facts: I will do what I can to keep putting my message out there. People will do what they can to receive the message when they are ready.

And I forgive myself for repeating the message over and over again.

I've come to this place because I realize how many times I need to hear the same message in order to "get it". Sometimes, even if I've "gotten it" in the past, I need to hear the same message again, years later, with a totally different perspective under my belt, in order to "get it" yet again. In a totally different way.

And I give up control. I surrender. I acknowledge that there is only energy and precious life force in me to take care of what I can. The rest is not up to me. It feels like such a relief. Such a weight lifted. Such a freedom. I also know that with the number of people suffering, feeling absolutely stretched to their limits trying to solve every single problem, take care of every single person, make every single decision that comes their way, it is a gift to be able to show what letting go feels like.

This is my gift to me. And I am offering to share it with you.

So maybe you've read my Tweets, seen my Facebook posts, and checked out my new offering of "Name Your Price" Coaching.

And maybe you haven't.

Either way, here's my message again: I'm offering my coaching services for two hours every week on a "Name Your Price" basis. That means, you call me with an issue you'd like to be coached on, or even a question about coaching. We chat. Hopefully you get some value. We don't discuss price. I just send you an e-mail afterwards with a link for you to pay the amount you feel right about. "Right" for you is a combination of where you are in your life, and the value you feel you received. That's it. No more questions asked. More details on how it works here>>

For now, there's no limit on the number of times you can utilize this service.

It's first-come, first-served, which means you don't make an appointment with me. You check this page on my website, or my Facebook page (click on "Events" or scroll down in the feed), for the dates and times I'm available. I'll be posting two weeks of availability at a time.

Who knows how much longer I'll continue this little experiment? Even I don't know!

Everything is shifting...even the earth beneath our feet. So let's stay open to all possibilities. And if you've been wondering about coaching, I hope to talk to you soon!

Interested in "Name Your Price" Coaching? Be sure to read the full details on How It Works here.