My Heroine's Journey

[display_podcast] I had been so busy traveling the past weekend that I only listened to this recording a week after it arrived in my inbox. In that moment of listening I was able to feel the clarity and power of my own voice and my own story. Talk about a practice in acknowledgment!

I hope you enjoy Susanna Liller's expert interviewing skills, and some details from my journey that you might find helpful to you on your own hero's or heroine's journey.

The themes:

  • constantly leaving the comfort zone, finding my own edge
  • key conversations with people who catalyzed my "big leaps"
  • advice and (lack of) support along the way
  • following my own curiosity, being willing to learn and get involved in something, before getting paid for it
  • not having a "plan", but pointing in the direction of a desired goal and following a deep intuitive knowing
  • acknowledging what I want to do, versus what "everyone else" is telling me to do
  • from following the rules (and being rewarded for it) to finding freedom (and enjoying it)