Restorative Practice #4 - Take A Day Off!

When was the last time you took a day off?

Were you too sick to get out of bed?

Were your kids too sick to go to school?

Did you plan a vacation months in advance, spending money you didn't have, going to a place you thought would be fun, only to come back needing to take MORE time off?

Why do we WAIT until the breaking point before we take the time that we need for ourselves?

Try this: pick a day, any day. Preferably right in the middle of the week, exactly when you think you "can't" take any time away from whatever "important" project you're working on. And just take the day off. Make up an excuse to tell your boss if you have to, but know in your heart that you are doing it for the most important person in just this moment - YOU.

Choose something you love to do, a place you love to be, and do it. You might even find that SLEEP is what you need the most.

Before you say, "NO! I can't possibly do that!", I want you to try it. And see how that small gift to yourself affects your energy, your attitude toward yourself, and the way you treat your coworkers, family, and friends.

When we can finally treat ourselves with genuine kindness and gentleness, maybe we can begin to act with true compassion toward others.