Revolutionizing Medicine...One Belief At A Time - Episode 3

Welcome to a weekly podcast where I'll take physicians' commonly held stressful beliefs and go through an inquiry process on each. I have recorded the questions so that you can listen and follow along, providing your own answers to the questions. It's important to find YOUR OWN answers that feel true and genuine in your life. I've provided the recordings as a tool for slowing yourself down and taking the time to allow these questions to sit inside. [display_podcast]

*This process is based on The Work by Byron Katie. For more information, visit

Today's belief is "Patients demand my time."

The questions:

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you know that it is absolutely, 100% true?
  3. How do you react, and how do you behave, when you believe the thought, “Patients demand my time”?
  4. What is the payoff you get for believing the thought, “Patients demand my time”?
  5. What are you afraid might happen if you didn’t believe the thought, “Patients demand my time”?
  6. Who would you be, and how would you behave, if you didn’t believe the thought, “Patients demand my time”?

Now turn the thought around, as I have done below. Find three genuine examples in your own life for how each of these turnarounds is as true as (or perhaps truer than) the original thought.

Patients don't demand my time.

I demand my patients' time.

I demand my own time.

Another possibility, not covered on the audio:

My thoughts demand my time.