InVisioning & Emergence: Trauma-Informed Nature & Art Healing Immersion
2:00 PM14:00

InVisioning & Emergence: Trauma-Informed Nature & Art Healing Immersion

As spring leads into summer, buds emerge and flowers bloom, anticipating the coming warmth and season of ripening.

This afternoon immersion is for those of us committed to exploring, restoring, and recovering our sense of inner calm and compassion, in the midst of a stressful world. We will define what trauma is, and observe how our bodies may have adapted to survive the particular circumstances of our lives. Our time together will support our conscious transition from conditioned states of stress response to a state of interconnected feeling and knowing. With deepening practice, these habits of listening, full presence, and sensory engagement with self and the environment, begin to permeate our everyday lives. 

What new growth might emerge in your relationships, your health, and your contributions to community from this state of awareness? Come explore with us.

Our experience is inspired by the alchemy of art and nature and supported by practice of The Four Gifts and Five Qualities of InVisioning & Renewal.

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