16th Annual Power of Words Conference 2019: Transformation, Liberation, and Celebration Through the Spoken, Written, and Sung Word
to Sep 29

16th Annual Power of Words Conference 2019: Transformation, Liberation, and Celebration Through the Spoken, Written, and Sung Word

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Transformative Language Arts Network presents the 16th Annual Power of Words Conference, September 26-29, 2019, at Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Find your voice with workshops, performances, talking circles, celebration, and more, featuring writers, storytellers, performers, musicians, community leaders, activists, educators, and health professionals.

The conference, founded in 2003, features workshops in four tracks: narrative medicine, social change, right livelihood (and making a living through the arts), ecological literacy, and engaged spirituality.

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to Nov 10

International Woman's Salon for Post-Traumatic Growth

Join Dr. Kate Hudgins, PhD, TEP, and Sylvia Israel, LMFT, RDT/BCT, TEP, for this International Woman’s Salon. You are meant to be at this workshop if you are still fighting the traumas of the past inside yourself, even after becoming professionally successful and/or creating trustworthy relationships. This workshop uses state of the art creative and experiential methods to help you become all of who you are meant to be! As we use Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) psychodrama, sociometry, and the expressive arts, we will find the strengths forged from the past and integrate them into every aspect of your life today.

TSM Psychodrama is based on the latest research on the neurobiology of trauma and happiness. We will share new and spontaneous experiences of healing and change as a group of women who can make a difference! We will also enjoy good food, great talks around the beautiful replace, and lots of self-care in a beautiful setting.

This workshop is limited to 8 women and Dr. Kate leads a team with Sylvia Israel to provide safety and support to complete the deepest level of trauma work possible. You will awaken to your gifts of spontaneity, creativity and most of all a future filled with hope and released from the past.

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION: Kate Hudgins at drkatetsi@mac.com

• Space is limited so register as soon as possible. Participants report that they get 6 months of therapy and change from these small salons.

$750 Registration Fee

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Voice Your Story, Hear Your Heart
10:00 AM10:00

Voice Your Story, Hear Your Heart

In this workshop, stories are written and told “off the page”, using the whole body, mind, and soul, in movement, words, gesture, vocal sounds, and imagination. Creating community and witnessing each other’s stories serves as catalyst for our own storyfinding.

Together we will practice ways of embodied, active storytelling that embrace the gifts and strengths of your unique voice, life experiences, and spontaneous expression. Be in a space of community in which each story is given and received with support and encouragement.

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InVisioning & Emergence: Trauma-Informed Nature & Art Healing Immersion
2:00 PM14:00

InVisioning & Emergence: Trauma-Informed Nature & Art Healing Immersion

As spring leads into summer, buds emerge and flowers bloom, anticipating the coming warmth and season of ripening.

This afternoon immersion is for those of us committed to exploring, restoring, and recovering our sense of inner calm and compassion, in the midst of a stressful world. We will define what trauma is, and observe how our bodies may have adapted to survive the particular circumstances of our lives. Our time together will support our conscious transition from conditioned states of stress response to a state of interconnected feeling and knowing. With deepening practice, these habits of listening, full presence, and sensory engagement with self and the environment, begin to permeate our everyday lives. 

What new growth might emerge in your relationships, your health, and your contributions to community from this state of awareness? Come explore with us.

Our experience is inspired by the alchemy of art and nature and supported by practice of The Four Gifts and Five Qualities of InVisioning & Renewal.

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